Essentials Dental

AEI offers comprehensive lines of dental products designed for the forward thinking dental professional. Their product lines include diagnostic, curettes, scalers, titanium implant instruments, composites, restorative, cone socket instruments, and magnetostrictive ultrasonic inserts. AEI’s latest innovation is the unique Double Gracey™ instruments. Additionally, AEI provides associated dental products which include cassettes, sharpening systems, handpiece lubricants, and endodontic instruments.

The Double Gracey instruments are two instruments combined in one. The face of Double Graceys are raised, creating two slightly sloped faces, approximately 110 degrees, measured from the terminal (lower) shank. This allows the operator to follow the Gracey technique, but with the economy of using universal curettes.

American Eagle Instruments also offers state-of-the-art surface engineering technology, featuring the XPSM line of instruments. Our XP Technology instruments are fabricated using a patented surface engineering process that results in razor-sharp edges that start sharp and stay sharp longer than any carbon or stainless steel instruments available. XP Technology reflects the latest innovation in dental hand instruments – providing you with instruments that require NO SHARPENING!