Essentials Dental

Nanova Inc. was founded in 2007 by a group of four dedicated researchers, two of whom are from the University of Missouri. Nanova Biomaterials, Inc. is the product of their vision. Established in 2013, NBI was created to focus on nanotechnology research and to use that research to manufacture dental consumables. Their mission is to continually improve their products beyond the industry standards with the help of their brilliant engineers and rigorous research. NBI boasts a highly qualified staff, the majority of whom hold MS or PhD degrees in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

NBI’s $1.5 million state of the art facility includes a research and development lab, multiple production areas, and office space. Though not a requirement for the production and packaging of class II medical devices, NBI also installed a clean room, signifying our dedication to producing dental consumables of the highest quality.

Nanova’s mission is to provide our customers high quality dental and orthopedics products, in addition to exceptional service that builds enduring relationships with their customers.