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“Everyday Essentials for Your Dental Practice”


Avid Fusion Handpiece

Avid Fusion Handpiece System


  • Lightweight and quiet operation, only 3.25 ounces…
    Minimizes clinician fatique
  • Torque feature allows Avid Fit® DPA to adjust tension of nose cone movement…
    Set it once and go!
  • Articulating nose cone allows for better angles…
    Reduces hand and wrist fatigue and improves access and line of sight.
  • Positive pressure within handpiece…
    Prevents ingress of debris and microorganisms.
  • Fully autoclavable…
    Ease of sterilization.
  • Interchangeable sleeves…
    More time polishing; less time sterilizing.
  • Air powered…
    Lots of torque!

The Avid Fusion™ combines ergonomic benefits of the Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece with the sterilization qualities of the Avid Premier™ Handpiece.

Like the Avid Premier™, the Avid Fusion™ is designed with interchangeable aluminum sleeves that quickly snap on and off between procedures, giving the hygienist time to properly  sterilize without interrupting workflow.

An independent laboratory study of the Avid Premier™ validated that our positive pressure technology prevents ingress of the debris and microorganisms between the sleeve and the motor when following the Directions for Use.  Therefore, the sleeves need to be sterilized after each patient, but the motor only needs to be sterilized once a day or after a maximum of 12 uses.

Just like the Avid Fit®, the Avid Fusion™ provides maximum comfort for both patient and clinician.  This low speed handpiece bends and twists for you, saving your back and keeping your wrist in a true neutral position.  The handpiece works great in any size hand!  It’s lightweight with a grip that offers nine divots your fingers will find naturally.  The nose cone moves in any direction, providing better access to hard to reach buccal areas of maxillary molars.  Works with the Avid Fit® Disposable Prophy Angle to adjust and tighten the nose cone.

The Avid Fusion™ Hygiene Handpiece System has a five year free repair warranty. The handpiece must be used with Avid Fit® Disposable Prophy Angles.

28.51 Avid Fusion™ Hygiene Handpiece System (1 motor and 4 sleeves)
28.5.2 Avid Fusion™ Sleeves (set of 4)

Made in the USA