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“Everyday Essentials for Your Dental Practice”


“Everyday Essentials for Your Dental Practice”


Bovie UV24 Continuous UV-C Air Purification System

Reduce the spread of dangerous airborne bacteria through out your office with this patented UV24 air purification system. 

This system works 24/7 to provide you, your staff and your patients with clean/fresh air to breathe.

The UV24 reduces the levels of bacteria and fungi in treated air and reduces the settling of viable bacteria and fungi from treated air.  This system combines an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber and air circulating fans to allow 24/7 operation in occupied spaces. 

  • UV-C technology has been as a disinfection method for decades in the healthcare industry.
  • The UV-C wavelength is 253.7 nanometers.  This length has been proven to be effective at neutralizing dangerous microorganisms.
  • Originally UV-C was used in unoccupied areas and only effective in direct line of sight – 

That was UNTIL NOW!!

  • The NEW Shielded UV-C allows for use in Occupied Spaces.
  • In a standard 10’ x10’x 8’ operatories, the system can treat that volume of air in the room 4 times per hour.
  • The UV-C system installs easily in a standard 2’x4’ ceiling grid system
  • The UV-C system is available with Fluorescent or LED Light or No Light

UV24-C w/o Light – RETAIL: $1,559  SALE: $1,399

UV24-C w/Fluorescent Light – RETAIL: $1,649  SALE: $1,499

UV24-C w/LED Light – RETAIL: $2,080  SALE: $1,850

Plus Applicable Freight

UV24 Brochure

UV24 User Guide

UV24 Lab Results

 UV24 Maintenance Instructions