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“Everyday Essentials for Your Dental Practice”


DMG LuxaTemp Fluorescence Temp C&B

DMG LuxaTemp Fluorescence Temp C&B

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Other Shades Available

76g 10:1 Cart. & 15 Tips

The temporary crown and bridge material for natural esthetics

With its superior aesthetics and unique handling, Luxatemp Fluorescence, fits perfectly into the Luxatemp family, so that clinicians can confidently choose the best temporary material to fit their clinical needs.

Perfect mechanical properties

Due to its high surface hardness Luxatemp is extremely abrasion resistant while easy to cut and polish. It has a Bisacryl composition for durable temporary restorations and the low shrinkage eliminates the need to remarginate and makes it easy to remove. Its neutral taste and odor provide greater patient acceptance.

Natural esthetics

The fluorescence of Luxatemp Fluorescence takes on the same dynamic reflective qualities as natural tooth structure creating a more lifelike appearance. Luxatemp Fluorescence makes temporaries look as good as final restorations in all lighting conditions. It is available in six shades all of which exhibit outstanding color stability.

Furthermore, Luxatemp is easily polished to a high gloss finish or can be varnished with LuxaGlaze permitting highly esthetic results and offering a reliable preview of the final result.

  • High fracture and abrasion resistance material
  • Produces lifelike provisionals
  • Provisionals look great in all lighting conditions
  • Provides durable and long-lasting temporary restorations
  • Excellent marginal adaptation, no need to remarginate
  • Provisional is easily removable
  • Negligible liner shrinkage during polymerization
  • More natural fluorescence
  • Outstanding color stability

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