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“Everyday Essentials for Your Dental Practice”


SDI Radii-Cal CX Curing Light Kit

SDI Radii-Cal CX Curing Light Kit

Collimated Beam & Uniformity

Uncollimated LED curing lights deliver significantly less curing energy per depth of cure. As shown in Fig 1, the power of an uncollimated curing light quickly diminishes, offering very little curing energy for larger restorations.

The collimated beam of the Radii-Cal CX delivers curing uniformity across all curing depths. This ensures a fast and predictable cure for all restorations.

Built in Radiometer

The Radii-Cal CX has a built-in radiometer to check the functionality of the unit. This radiometer is callibrated to the Radii-Cal CX power and collimated lens.

Enhanced heat management

Heat dissipation is critical for all curing lights. Increases in heat will reduce clinical performance and will reduce the life of a curing light.* The Radii-Cal CX includes heat sink dissipation technology. This technology protects the LED from damaging heat. By remaining cool, the Radii-Cal CX allows you ongoing consecutive cures without the need for a mandatory cool down. It also prolongs the life of the unit.

Lightweight & Ergonomic

The ergonomic and lightweight design minimises fatigue and maximises comfort. The handpiece weighs just 144g / 5.1oz.

Suitable for handling in a pencil or pistol grip, minimises hand and arm fatigue. The indentation for finger placement also provides ergonomic support when you are curing upper or lower quadrants.

Smart Battery

The Radii-Cal CX simply snaps into its docking station for easy ongoing charging. There is no need to unscrew or remove batteries for separate charging. The docking station will illuminate with five green lights to indicate a full charge.

2-Year Limited Warranty


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