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CMS Dental started 15 years ago developing and producing the two endo products:

Soft-Core® Endodontic Obturator (for short: SC or Soft-Core)
One-Step Obturator™ (for short: OSO or One-Step)

Endodontic Obturator. All R&D has been carried out in Denmark and the production is under one roof in our factory.

Our story began with lasers and later Soft-Core. The Soft-Core product has a removable handle and a hollow center at the top of the plastic core to make it easier to make the post preparation.

Our next step in our endoline was to develop One-Step. The idea behind the product came from the demands from the market, since several dentist prefers an obturator without a handle giving them a better view of the operation field. Another advantage is that One-Step is used with a tweezer, making it easier to place the obturator in the root canal.

For more than 15 years CMS Dental has produced endodontic obturators. Each year world wide 1 mill. root canal fillings are performed with SoftCore. SoftCore and One Step are exported to 60 countries.