Essentials Dental

Zoll-Dental has been manufacturing top-quality dental hand instruments since 1990. All of their instruments are made of the finest materials available.

Zoll-Dental instruments are made in their factory in Niles, IL (just outside of Chicago) or are imported from Europe. A few exceptions to this rule are noted in their catalog as economy versions.

Zoll-Dental’s instrument tips are made of only the finest heat-treated 440A surgical grade stainless steel.
Heat treating the steel allows it to retain sharpness better than softer, lower-grade steels.

All of the handles in their line (except the 107 octagon scaler handle) are 100% stainless steel.
This offers superior corrosion resistance and the ability to stand up to today’s harshest sterilization procedures.

Zoll-Dental offers one of the largest selections of handles on the market today. One of their most popular selections is the Featherweight® handle.
Offered in a number of sizes, the Featherweight® handle is one of the lightest and most tactilely sensitive handles on the market.

Zoll-Dental also offers a wide variety of patterns not available through other companies. Many companies sell solely through distributors who only want to carry a few of the most popular patterns.

Heat treating, hand finishing, quality control, and a huge selection make Zoll-Dental the place to go for the best combination of price and quality in the dental industry.